What do our students say about Lane Cove Yoga?

Love the energy

“Jori brings her joy and passion to every class. Sharing her love of the energy yoga brings to her students”

– Penny

Fabulous Teacher

“Lane Cove Yoga classes are fabulous. I highly recommend them! Chelsea is a fabulous yoga teacher, her classes are calming and she understands her students”

– Tracy


“Chelsea’s commitment care and expertise put students at immediate ease”



“The welcoming environment and professionalism of Lane Cove Yoga never fails to bring out the Zen in me”


“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop”  – Mother Theresa 

Highly Recommend

“Jori is the teacher from the heart. Her lessons are always filled with love to yoga and to her students. Always feel good after the lesson – calm, relaxed and physically fit. Highly recommend” 

– Liuba


“Jori’s classes are relaxing and yet leave you feeling completely awake and revitalised”


Superb Teacher

If you are looking to focus on your wellbeing, unplug and recharge look no further. Jori is is a superb teacher – authentically from the heart. Her classes are outstanding! 

– Blerina

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