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About Chelsea


Teaching Focus 

Chelsea teaches a Hatha style class that is open to everyone from beginner to advanced level. Combining a flow style practice Chelsea integrates stretch and strengthening sequences to focus on the whole body. Integrating mindfulness into each class to allow you to reconnect with your inner self and leave with a deeper awareness and connection.

Chelsea’s Yoga Journey

Chelsea’s first memory of yoga is as a child watching her mother teaching a class and not really understanding what they were all doing. She discovered her own yoga practice more than two decades ago, and has since found it always brings her back to a place of inner peace and calm. Coming from an active background, Chelsea relished the connection yoga brings between the body, mind and soul.

Chelsea continued her practice as she transitioned from the corporate world, to the challenges of life as a busy working mum of two, and finally decided to follow her passion and begin her yoga journey.

Chelsea completed level 1, 350 hours of teachers training with Life Source Yoga in 2014, and has since embraced every opportunity to encourage students to reconnect with the body and develop their own practice.

Now, as a mother, Chelsea has seen the calming influence of introducing elements of her practice into the lives of her own children, and in keeping with her belief that yoga is for all, undertook training in kids and family yoga through Rainbow Yoga Training in 2015.

Chelsea teaches a Hatha Flow style class that is open to all levels.

“Yoga is when every cell of the body sings the song of the soul…” – B.K.S Iyengar

About Jori


Teaching Focus 

Jori’s teaching focuses on a holistic yoga experience balancing body, mind and emotions through asana practice, breathing, meditation and the discovery of the deeper meaning of yoga. Jori’s classes are dynamic, caring, delivered with positive energy and insights into alignment and yoga philosophy. Her students leave the class feeling nourished, energised, and loved.

”Yoga is a light, which once lit will never dim. The better your practice, the brighter your flame.” — B.K.S. Iyengar

Jori’s Yoga Journey 

15 years ago, I knew little about yoga when a friend invited me to join a class at a Jivamukti yoga studio in Munich. I had no expectations and in fact very quickly lost count of how many times I had to drop into child pose to catch my breath, how I got confused between left and right or hands and feet…while not forgetting to breathe. What inspired me from the beginning at a deeper level in the class was the intertwining of asana, philosophy, meditation, storytelling and mantra. I did not know all these words at the time, all I knew is that I left with a huge smile. I was hooked and just like that my yoga journey began.

As all great journeys it has been one of discovery – it has had tilts and turns, periods of stillness and others of vibrancy. I am in owe of this practice that leads me back to my mat even if only for a few minutes a day – the power to reorient my awareness
to the simplicity of breath, the ability to connect with my body and explore with kindness, compassion, drive, sometimes clarity and others confusion- a lot is revealed for me in those moments. I am grateful for the insights that I can take back to
my everyday life to inspire and support me as a teacher, daughter, mother, wife, friend, professional and simply a human. 

My amazing family, friends and students that have supported me throughout this journey, as well as my teachers that have inspired and shared their precious insights deserve all the gratitude and credit. Yoga is for me a true gift that keeps on giving – a work inwards that is incredibly rewarding and that I encourage everyone to embark on. I look forward to supporting your yoga journey! 

About Claire

Teaching Focus

Claire teaches a breath-centred Hatha flow style of yoga, incorporating postures, breathing and meditation and encouraging her students to develop their self-awareness. Her classes are suitable for beginners through to more experienced yogis. She completed a 500H yoga teaching course at the Yoga Institute in Cammeray after practicing for many years locally and noticing significant physical and mental benefits personally
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